Wimmer Farms | Naturally Grown Fruits & Vegetables | Iowa

Fruits & Vegetables

Wimmer Farms grows Certified Naturally Grown fruits and vegetables.  We take great pride in selecting the best seed, planting with care and nurturing our crops so that you can enjoy delicious, fresh, healthy, locally grown food.


We believe that great plants can be grown from a great compost. We feel that once customers see what compost will do for their plants, they will reduce the use of commercial fertilizers and pesticides, a great goal for all.

Sustainable Agricultural Practices

It’s important to us that sustainable practices are used to prevent soil loss, water contamination, and keep this great rich land in good shape for future generations of responsible farmers. We use cover crops, crop rotation and terracing.

Certified Naturally Grown

Certified Naturally Grown means we follow strict guidelines to bring you pesticide free produce that you can be assured is top quality, safe delicious food.  We grow everything on our farm and never buy from an auction as some of our farmers market competitors do. 

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